Zyla sCMOS
The Zyla scientific CMOS (sCMOS) platform offers Physical and Life Science spectroscopists seamless access to a unique combination of superfast spectral rates, high sensitivity, high resolution and high dynamic range.
Highest spectral rates
Market leading spectral rates up to 27,057, ideally suited for high resolution transient spectroscopy applications with 10’s of µs timeresolution. Multi-track mode provides rates up to 6,000 acquisitions/second for hyperspectral imaging and dualtrack, kilohertz transient absorption spectroscopy.

High dynamic range
The Zyla sCMOS offers userconfigurable, ready-to-analyze binned single spectra or multiple (multi-track) spectra. A unique 32-bit data transmission mode allows the preservation of the signal dynamic range in these extensive spectroscopy binning scenarios.
Key Applications
  • µs-resolved transient absorption
  • Fast Hyperspectral imaging
  • Fast Multi-track spectroscopy