Micro Probe System
Micro Probe System is suitable to analyze the Electrical & Optical properties of the materials. Its advantage is the in-situ measurement of the electrical and optical properties under the various environmental conditions; Vacuum, Temperature, Gas flow, Humidity, Irradiation of light
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Quick & Easy
A unique probe module is only 30x20x20 mm. A stable contact is possible even on a 20x20 ㎛contact pad. As the probe module has a very flexible motion, it smoothly follows the displacement of the contact point caused by thermal expansion and maintains a stable contact.
• Photovoltaic cells’ and thermoelectric materials’ characterization
• Transistors, diodes, LED, ... testing
• Bulk and thin film materials’ thermal conductivity measurements (3 ω Method)
• Phase transition materials’ electrical/optical characterization (metal oxides, Memristor,…)
• Characterization of MEMS/NEMS mechanical and electro- mechanical resonators
    (reference clocks, mass sensors)
• Characterization of micro-coils and micro-antenna for inductive sensors
    (Impedance spectroscopy of biological tissues, In vivo RMN)
• Capacitive, resistive & resonant micro/nano sensors testing
• Etc...
6 Versions Depending on Temperature
System Configuration