Halogen Light Source Illuminating Systems
SHLA Halogen fiber optic Illuminator. Illuminators generate light and guide it into a fiber light guide for use in inspection, microscopy and machine vision applications.
The SHLA-150 is an updated design with PSE (Safety Electrical Appliance & Material) and UL(Underwriters Laboratories) certification for applications where a Halogen light source is required.
Not limited to a specific bulb, a number of type bulbs can be installed, including both 12V and 15V bulbs.



*1 Time when the ratio of the maximum intensity to the maximum intensity of the new bulb decreases to 50%

*2 Illumination at 15mm away from the tip of light guide when a light guide of bundle diameter φ5×L1,000 is used with maximum light intensity

Light Guides : Flexible semi-rigid light guides (gooseneck).
Replacement Lamps for Tungsten Halogen Fiber Illumination Systems