IPS specializes in Wavelength Stabilized Lasers
IPS supplies over 70% of all Raman spectroscopy system integrators with their diode based Raman excitation sources, and is the “Gold Standard” for high performance wavelength stabilized lasers.
Raman spectroscopy is a vibrational spectroscopy method that has successfully been used in the lab for some time, and has recently gained traction commercially as an affordable and accurate way to get qualitative and quantitative information instantly without destroying the sample. Raman spectroscopy can also be used to analyze aqueous solutions removing tedious sample prep required for other analytical techniques.


  • High Power Single Frequency Output (SLM)

  • Ultra-Narrow Spectral Bandwidth

  • Circularized & Collimated Output Beam

  • Gaussian TEM00 Spatial Mode

  • Integral Laser Line Filter

  • Optical Isolator

  • SMSR 70 dB w/ laser line filter            (40 dB without)

  • Integral Thermistor & TEC

  • Integral ESD Protection

  • Integral Linear Tracking Photodiode