Xenon Light Source 300W Monochromatic Light with Filters
Extremely bright and heatless light source which can illuminate desired wavelength
The MAX-350, 300W xenon light source, is the high-power illuminator with heat blocking design by the proprietary optical component, mirror module.
The MAX-350 has various useful functions such as mirror module, filter wheel, ND variable control, timer, shutter and remote control.
Output wavelength
250 - 1050nm (It depends on the mirror module.)
Input voltage
AC100 - 240V 50/60Hz (Input range: AC100 - 240V)
Apparent power
Less than 520VA (AC240V/50Hz)
Lamp type
Cermax xenon lamp 300W
Lamp life
500h *Under our conditions *Less than 1 year after delivery
Optical axis alignment
Cartridge type (Alignment-free)
Cooling method
Forced air cooling
Pulsed motor drive
Exposure time set
0.5sec - 24h
Light intensity control
1000 - 50 (Steps) Continuously variable
Filter wheel
8 channels *25mm dia/ t<6mm filter is usable
Mirror module
UV type(250-385nm), UV-VIS type(300-600nm), VIS type(385-740nm), IR type(750-1050nm)
Remote control
Safety mechanism
Xenon lamp problem, Cooling fan problem, Temperature anomaly
Recommended environment
Temperature 10 - 35 deg C Humidity 20 - 80% *Avoid condensation
196(W) x 330(D) x 302(H)mm


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