Metal Halide Fiber Illumination Systems
High intensity and precision illumination sources with metal halide lamp and twin mirror system.
◦Much bright and efficient illumination using short arc metal halide lamp.
◦Combination of an elliptical mirror and a spherical mirror focuses the light output into a light guide efficiently.
◦Combination of cold mirror and heat absorbing filter manages heat output efficiently.
◦With the integration of lamp and elliptical cold mirror, lamp replacement is a very easy without adjustment.

◦New mechanical aperture allows control of output intensity without changing spectral characteristics.
◦High stability and low ripple output. Suitable for high-speed image processing.


Lamp Used
Average lamp life*1
700 hours
Color Temperature*2
3100K − 3200K
Average Luminance *2
650,000 lx over
Input Voltage
AC100-120V (±10%)
Power Consumption
180W (150W lamp maximum rated load)
Environment Conditions
s 0°C − 40°C / 20 − 80%RH (without condensation)
External Dimensions[mm]
(W)115×(H)130×(D)231 (excluding protrusions)
Weight [kg]
Light Guides : Flexible semi-rigid light guides (gooseneck).
Replacement Lamps for Tungsten Halogen Fiber Illumination Systems

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