Search the location of particle in Nano-level and give each spectral data in high resolution​

Provide the image of nanoscale materials & biologicals interacting with nanoparticles

Wide FOV in one single continuous scan 260x260 um with 0.5 nm spectral resolution

Option & Accessories

Opt-1, Detectors 

• sCMOS - Super-resolution microscopy 

• EMCCD - Low light image(single photon sensitivity

cMOS Camer.jpg
sCMOS vs EMCCD 1.jpg
sCMOS vs EMCCD 2.jpg

Opt-2, 3D confocal Raman Spectroscopy

Up to 3 lasers 

Detecting range : 80 ~ 4000 cm-1

Spectral resolution : < 1 cm-1 

High speed 3D mapping

Off line analysis software , library 

Different type of sample cells( Low temp , high pressure etc.)

High accuracy & repeatability ( scan to scan 0.5 cm-1)