IK Series He-Cd Laser : 325nm(UV), 442nm(Blue) and Dual Wavelength
At KIMMON KOHA we pride ourselves on the quality of our laser systems. Our goal is to provide the highest quality leading edge HeCd lasers in the world to our customers. To achieve this goal we build, produce, assemble, and process almost everything for our HeCd lasers in-house. Although this is more expensive than subcontracting, this allows us to control the whole manufacturing process. One of the unique capabilities of the KIMMON KOHA production system is our ability to process raw quartz from our own quartz mines and produce our HeCd laser tubes in-house. These capabilities translate into higher quality products for our customers.


  • Photoluminescence

  • Biomedicine / Bioengineering

  • Flow Cytometry

  • Lithography / Grating Production

  • Photopolymer Exposure

  • Defect inspection

  • Raman Spectroscopy

  • Interferometry

  • Printing / Plate making

  • Precision measurement

  • Holography


Transverse Mode
Beam Dia.
Beam Divergence
Noise P-P