Droplet based Optofluidic Device

Droplet Fluorescence Measurement
Droplet Fluorescence Measurement

Research device for optofluidic fluorescence.

Conventional microfluidic methods.

Fluorescence intensity analysis.


▶ Features

  • Optimized for droplet based optofluidic experiment

  • Available development for user applications

▶ Laser Source

  • Supported wavelength

    • 400nm ~ 750nm (optimization), selectable wavelength

    • Partially applicable to UV, NIR

▶ Detection Module

  • Detection wavelength

    • Depends on fluorescence

  • Sensitivity

    • High sensitivity PMT, Ultra sensitivity PMT, selectable

  • Data sampling

    • < 100,000 per second (one channel)

  • Data channel

    • Up to 3 channel

▶ System Configuration

  • Possible to modify for user applications


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