RAON-Scan - Operating Software for GAON

  • RAON-Scan is operation software for GAON which allows to functions related with acquisition and analysis automatically

  • Basic functions

    • Device control (Fully automated)

    • Image acquisition

    • Zooming (with ROI zooming)\

  • Special functions

    • Time lapse

    • Area scan

    • Depth scan


▶ Fully automation system

  • Optimized device control

    • Laser power, Laser filter, PMT, Confocal pinhole, etc...

▶ Image acquisition and merging

  • Single acquisition

  • Real time acquisition

  • Averaging

  • Zooming (with ROI zooming)

  • Image merging

Image averaging

Image merging

Image averaging


▶ Area scan

  • Wide range image acquisition and stitching

3 x 3 area scan

▶ Depth scan with volume rendering

  • By acquiring a large amount of images in the depth direction, realistic 3D image can be generated quickly

120 images of Fly head sample

100 images of Convallaria Cpp sample

120 images of Fly head sample