RAON-Scan - Operating Software for GAON

  • RAON-Scan is operation software for GAON which allows to functions related with acquisition and analysis automatically

  • Basic functions

    • Device control (Fully automated)

    • Image acquisition

    • Zooming (with ROI zooming)\

  • Special functions

    • Time lapse

    • Area scan

    • Depth scan


▶ Fully automation system

  • Optimized device control

    • Laser power, Laser filter, PMT, Confocal pinhole, etc...

▶ Image acquisition and merging

  • Single acquisition

  • Real time acquisition

  • Averaging

  • Zooming (with ROI zooming)

  • Image merging

▶ Area scan

  • Wide range image acquisition and stitching

3 x 3 area scan

▶ Depth scan with volume rendering

  • By acquiring a large amount of images in the depth direction, realistic 3D image can be generated quickly

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