Laser Scanning Optical Imaging System

Laser Scanning Imaging
Laser Scanning Imaging
Laser Scanning Image
Laser Scanning Image

Laser scanning imaging.

Two independent galvo scanner.

Optical zoom in/out.

Including general illumination optical imaging.


▶ Features

  • Be Possible to modify for user applications

  • Imaging system based on laser scan method

  • Improvement to laser scanning fluorescence imaging system

  • Extend to fluorescence/conventional confocal microscope

  • Stand alone type system


▶ Laser Source

  • Supported wavelength

    • 400nm ~ 750nm (optimization), selectable wavelength

    • Partially applicable to UV, NIR


▶ Scan Module

  • Scan head

    • Two independent gavo scanner

  • Scan resolution

    • < 500 x 500 pixel

  • Possible to optical zoom in/out


▶ System Configuration

  • Detection part

    • Photo diode

    • PMT

    • Selectable for applications

  • All configuration are available on user request


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