NOST System 홍보 영상입니다.

HEDA, Confocal microscope Raman Imager

-. Laser based analysis equipment for real time measurement of Raman scattering

-. Provide structural or chemical analysis in the field of

-. 2D material, Carbon, Semiconductor & Nanoparticles

-. Battery, Solar cell and Photovoltaic materials

-. Biotechnology and Catalysis

SERA, Hyperspectral imaging system

-. Provide a high resolution image by Fluorescence & Darkfield by lamp light source and their spectral information together.

-. Research for Nanomaterials and cell tissue Biology

We made total solution ; Confocal Raman, Hyperspectral and darkfield image in one single frame. For Visualization of particle in Nano-Level and spectral information from each single particles and Raman imaging in 2D & 3D

-. Fluorescence image and spectral information from each position