SERA Hyper Spectral Imaging System

Method of simultaneously obtaining a spatial image and spectrum. Can acquire images and spectrum data over a wide range at high speed​ Acquisition techniques for hyperspectral imaging, visualized as sections of the hyperspectral datacube with its two spatial dimensions (x,y) and one spectral dimension (lambda). Dark-field microscopy becomes a powerful tool for the characterization of nanomaterials embedded in cells with Halogen Lamp and Darkfield condenser, objective. Fluorescence is the temporary absorption of electromagnetic wavelengths from the visible light spectrum by fluorescent molecules, and the subsequent emission of light at a lower energy level With Mercury or Xenon Lamp Electroluminescence (EL) is an optical phenomenon and electrical phenomenon in which a material emits light in response to the passage of an electric current or to a strong electric field. With Probe station and sourcemeter Image observation and save for the entire wavelength band​ Appilcation : LSPR spectral imaging, AuNPs,AgNPs, Nanorod & CNT, Cell imaging, Single molecule detection, Identifying & characterize nanoparticles, LED inspection RAON-Imager (Operating Software) : Fully automated device control, Spectrum acquisition and analysis, Optical & Spectral imaging RAON-Vu (Analysis Software) : Spectrum analysis (Find peak, Background removal, Spectrum smoothing); Spectral image analysis ( Display 3 types of image ; Single Band, Multi Band, Full Spectra​, Image smoothing, Contrast enhancement​) HEDA+SERA : Confocal Micro Raman(HEDA), Hyper Spectral and Darkfield Image(SERA) in one frame Visualization of particle in Nano-level and spectral information from each single particles Raman imaging in 2D & 3D

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