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PRISM - Confocal Micro PL Mapping System

  • Optimized design for user.

  • Up to two excitation wavelength available.

  • < 1㎛ x, y spatial resolution and < 2㎛ depth resolution with true confocal design.

  • Compact size frame, very few moving parts.

  • Very fast mapping. (50 x 50 point about 1min : exposure time 0.01s)

  • Fully motorized system. (Laser selection, Power control, Motorized slit, etc.)

Traditional spectrograph VS NOST spectrograph

▶ Aberration Corrected Spectrograph

  • Aberration corrected design based asymmetric Czemy-Turner with diffraction optics

  • Excellently aberration corrected over the whole pixels on CCD array

    • RMS spot radius on the CCD < 10㎛​

  • Excellently improved throughput and resolution compared to traditional Czerny-Turner spectrograph

  • Best performance for low light application such as Raman spectroscopy