The iDus is Andor’s most popular platform for the spectroscopy research and OEM communities, suitable for everyday spectroscopy measurements, as well as more advanced, low light detection applications.

Comprehensive Sensor Range

CCD matrix sizes include 1024 x 127, 1024 x 256 and high resolution 2000 x 256 formats with UV and NIR optimized options. Dual AR coating (BEX2-DD) offers the best broadband detection performance and versatility.


High Sensitivity

Best detection capabilities for experiments requiring long exposure times. The iDus range boasts sensor QE option up to 95%, TE cooling down to -100ºC and state-of-the-art UltravacTM for long-lasting performance. New Low Dark Current Deep-Depletion (LDC-DD) technology offers the best detection capabilities in the near infrared.


iDus CCD Cameras

  • Active pixels (um) : 2000 x 256

    Pixel size (um) : 15 x 15

    Deepest cooling : -95℃

    Sensor option : LDC-DD