From the pioneers of EMCCD technology the newly expanded iXon Ultra and NewtonEM series have brought low-light spectroscopy to a new level of performance. These cameras offer the absolute combination of sensitivity and acquisition speed for the most demanding photon starved applications.


Highest sensitivity

EMCCDs operate by amplification of weak signal events (down to single photons) to a signal level that is well clear of the read noise floor of the camera at any readout speed. This ‘on-chip’ amplification process is realized without sacrificing the photon collection capability of the sensor. Back-illuminated architecture boosts QE up to 95%, while Andor’s market leading TE cooling to -100ºC offers unmatched dark noise performance


Highest spectral rates

The supercharged iXon Ultra and NewtonEM allow access to the highest spectral rates without loss of sensitivity thanks to the EM amplification architecture. The iXon Ultra 888 achieves over 11,990 spectra per second (Crop Mode), while the Newton 970 allows spectral rates in excess of 1,515 spectra per second (Crop Mode) with larger simultaneous bandpass capture capabilities.

iXon Ultra and Newton EMCCD

  • Active pixel matrix : 1600 x 200

    Pixel size (um) : 16 x 16

    Fastest spectral rate : 1,515 sps

    Data transfer interface : USB 2.0

    Sensor options : BV, FI, UV, UVB, BVF