We want you to remain unstressed when operating our stages over longer periods of time. For this reason, we focused on developing ergonomically perfect operating elements.

In combination with the TANGO controller and according to your demands we provide a variety of joysticks for all motorized microscope stages and measuring stages.



ERGODRIVE, an optional available operating device, is able to carry out rapid stage movement across the complete travel range while also accurately positioning within microns. It is especially suited when upgrading from manual to motorized systems.

The operating device can be connected during running operation (“hot plugging”).
System restart or adjusting of settings is not necessary!

The adjustable drive enables an ergonomic adaptation to friction and height. As it comes with function keys on both sides it is suited for left-handed and right-handed operation alike.

The operating device ERGODRIVE is available for 2 and 3 axes.


Operating Devices

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