785 nm MaxLine® laser clean-up filter

MaxLine laser-line filters transmit greater than 90% of the light at a precisely defined laser line, while offering incredibly steep edges to eliminate optical noise from non-lasing (plasma) lines and spontaneous emission.


785 nm RazorEdge Dichroic™ laser beamsplitter

Each beamsplitter reflects a standard laser line incident at 45° while efficiently passing the longer Raman-shifted wavelengths. The filters exhibit ultrasteep transitions from reflection to transmission, with a guaranteed transition width of < 1% of the laser wavelength for the U-grade version. This laser dichroic beamsplitter is optimized for reflecting laser beams up to 2.5 mm in diameter while minimizing RWE.


785 nm RazorEdge® ultrasteep long-pass edge filter

RazorEdge filters allow you to see the weakest signals closer to the laser line, especially for Raman spectroscopy applications. With their deep laser-line blocking, ultrawide and low-ripple passbands, hard-coated reliability, and high laser damage threshold, they offer lasting performance and value.



Raman filter set (785nm)

  • 785 nm MaxLine® laser clean-up filter

    Specification Value
    Transmission Band 1 Tabs > 90% 785 nm
    Center Wavelength 1 785 nm
    Guaranteed Minimum Bandwidth 1 Transmission guaranteed for laser wavelength only
    FWHM Bandwidth 1 (nominal)

    3.0 nm (typical);

    5.5 nm (maximum)

    Blocking Band 1

    ODabs > 5

      612 – 777.2 nm

    Blocking Band 2

    ODabs > 6

      722.2 – 773.2 nm

    Blocking Band 3

    ODabs > 6

      796.8 – 863.5 nm

    Blocking Band 4

    ODabs > 5

      792.9 – 1213.8 nm

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