The SCAN series has been developed especially for applications in upright microscopes that require automatic and very exact positioning of samples. Enhanced by special adaptations, these microscope stages are perfectly in line with nearly all current microscopes. 

With ranges of travel from 75 x 50 mm up to 600 x 600 mm these systems can also reliably carry out high-precision positioning performances in application areas beyond microscopy.

A special long-term lubrication system guarantees that specifications are maintained, even after a very long running period.

"Plug and play your microscope":
The integrated electronic stage identification device ETS enables automatic identification of the scanning stage as well as the parametrization of the controller.

The SCAN series does not only define new quality standards, but also makes them measurable



Travel range Optional

Travel speed max. 25 mm/s (with 1 mm ball screw pitch)

                     max. 50 mm/s (with 2 mm ball screw pitch)

Repeatability < 1 µm (bidirectional)

Accuracy ±3 μm

Resolution 0.01 µm (smallest step size)

Orthogonality ≤ 5 arcsec

Motor type 2-phase stepper motor

Limit switches light barriers

Stage opening 116 × 116 mm

Material / surface aluminium / anodic coating, black lacquered

Weight approx. 2.6 kg  



Scanning Stages for Upright Microscopes

travel range
Controller type
  • TANGO Desktop is the ready-to-be-plugged-in desktop version of the TANGO product family. The modular design allows for a tailored configuration of the controller. In the maximum configuration, up to four stepper motors can be connected. The positioning is done through programming or via manual operating device. Digital and analogue inputs/outputs provide numerous additional functions.

    Control of up to 4 axes

    • different model types available for operation of 1–4 axes
    • optional module POS3 provides 3 additional auxiliary axes
    • sensitive manual operation via Joystick or ERGODRIVE

    Maximum torque, even at high speed

    • 48 V motor voltage, up to 4,200 rpm
    • phase currents of up to 2.5 A
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