flat, ergonomic design with rounded corners

closed surface without any objectable edges for easy cleaning and disinfection

stationary connecting cables between controller and scanning stage

compatible with Olympus ZDC and (F)RFACA

5 years guarantee, if the scanning stage is operated in the system with the Märzhäuser TANGO controller!

The integrated electronic stage identification device ETS enables automatic identification of the scanning stage as well as the parametrization of the controller.


Travel range:  Optional

Repeatability:  < 1 μm   (bi-directional, measured according to VDI / DGQ 3441)

Accuracy:  +/- 3 μm     (measured according to VDI / DGQ 3441)

Resolution:  0,01 μm (smallest step size)

Orthogonality:  < 10 arc sec

Motor:   2-phase stepper motor

Max. travel speed:    60 mm/s, with 1 mm ball screw pitch  

                                120 mm/s, with 2 mm ball screw pitch

Limit switches:  mechanical limit switches

Material:   aluminium

Surface:   anodic coating, black laquered

Weight:   4,700 g

Scanning Stages for Inverse Microscopes

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travel range
Controller type
  • Product Features TANGO Desktop is the ready-to-be-plugged-in desktop version of the
    TANGO product family. The modular design allows for a tailored configuration of the controller.

    In the maximum configuration, up to four stepper motors can be connected.
    The positioning is done through programming or via manual operating device.

    Digital and analogue inputs/outputs provide numerous additional functions.

    Control of up to 4 axes

    • different model types available for operation of 1-4 axes
    • optional module POS3 provides 3 additional auxiliary axes
    • sensitive manual operation via Joystick or ERGODRIVE

    Maximum torque, even at high speed

    • 48 V motor voltage, up to 4,200 rpm
    • phase currents of up to 2.5 A
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