Analysis Software for HEDA & NARIN

  • We supply additional software for data viewing and analysis. This allows the user to experiment and analysis at the same time.

  • Basic functions

    • Single spectrum

    • Mapping data

    • ROI analysis

  • Special functions

    • Auto baseline correction

    • Arithmetic operation

    • Report


▶ Spectrum analysis

  • Find peak

  • Background subtraction

  • Overlap spectrums

  • Cosmic ray removal

  • ROI analysis & Arithmetic operation

▶ Mapping analysis

  • N ROI analysis (not limited)

  • Arithmetic operation

    • 2 ROI selection

    • View pseudo image and arithmatic result.

  • 2D & 3D pseudo imaging

    • Select base color

    • Control color level

  • Cosmic ray removal

  • Overlap ROI image

▶ Auto baseline correction

  • Int the SpectoLab, it provides three techniques for removing backgrounds.

    • Polynomial Fitting

    • Mean Difference Equation

    • Manual

▶ Overlap ROI pseudo image

  • Display merged ROI image in the mapping area of the currently displayed optical image.

  • You can adjust transparency and offset position of merged ROI image.

Overlap ROI pseudo image on optical image
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Overlap spectrum